This time a couple of years ago….

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My morning runs are getting slightly less comfortable due to the rising summer temperatures.  I now sweat profusely. Something I do not really miss about Florida.  The flower colors seem to get bolder as the temperature gets warmer. It is almost as if the flowers are trying to intimidate the sun with equal radiance. I now jog by deep pink raspberry blossoms, red poppies, and orange daylilies instead of the yellows and pastels of the spring flowers.

I have my eye on the daylily. It’s a big edible flower! Truthfully, most of the plant can be eaten.

Daylilies fall into the Hemerocallidaceae family (genus Hemerocallis) an enormous and diverse family- that provides an especially amazing variety of wild food. The name Hemerocallis (Hemera meaning day and kallos meaning beauty) of  is a great name for a plant group whose brilliant blossoms last only one day.

The parent order includes “true lilies” and more domesticated edibles…

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