This is my most popular blog post to date. Originally posted a year ago, it is still near the top of my numbers for the most views every week. I still make this frosting but I often use blackberry jelly or raspberry jam instead of the honey.

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Greek Yogurt is my new staple. A couple of years ago I ate cottage cheese by the carton and it seems that I am now displaying the same affection for greek yogurt.  But don’t give me the low fat berry or coffee or anything flavored yogurt. I might go for some vanilla, but what I really want is full fat strained plain greek yogurt. I am actually on a personal mission to find the richest fattiest whole milk yogurt.  The yogurt in my fridge right now is Cabot Greek Yogurt at 10% milkfat. Heavenly! It is so thick and tangy it could almost be sour cream except it is smoothed out by a buttery texture.

Long story short, I was looking for an alternative to vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

While looking for inspiration on a favorite blog The Cupcake Project, I saw that she made yogurt and honey cupcakes.  I loved the…

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