As a kid our Thanksgivings brought together around 25 people every year. Most years we were at Grandma’s. After the meal was over and cleaned up the grandkids eagerly assembled the counter-top full of pies. There was cherry, pumpkin, pecan, apple, chocolate, and more. Two pies were always Grandma’s Peanut Butter. Grandma made one for the family and one for Uncle Jim. Lucky boy that Jim. 🙂

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It is Thanksgiving and I miss my family. Due to all the events of my life and theirs we do not get to spend the holiday together this year. I miss spending days in the kitchen with my mom and sisters preparing for one big pig out. In the past we have spent days menu planning and discussing the finer points of the things we might serve on the relish tray.

This year it is just Tall Dark Handsome and myself, so I was having a hard time justifying the full feast in all its loving hard work. The only thing I prepared for was the turkey itself. It was properly defrosted and in the oven by 11am.

After going for a run, I decided that a pie was definitely on the to-do list. Pumpkin was out because we had none. We did however, have all the things to make…

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