thePotlicker’s Kitchen

My Kitchen is ever transient and often portable. The door is always open and the table begs you to share food.  Food itself, is always in abundance. I have not mastered making ‘the right’ amount of food.  Somehow I always have too much and show up to parties with multiple items even if I swear that “I’m going easy this time”.  My favorite days are such when I can put on some music and spend hours in the afternoon preparing an entire meal from breads to sweets. Other times I am the queen of one pot meals and unexpected pairings. We use cloth napkins, recycle bottles, reuse bags, repurpose containers and I always have a spare fabric shopping bag in my purse.  I purchase things like rices and spices from the co-op and keep an eye wide for affordable local fresh meat, cheeses and produce. I am a sucker for a sale and can never resist when I get the chance to add stock to the pantry.  The grocery store is a ‘happy place’ but I rarely visit the inner aisles.

The things that make up My Kitchen can be generally categorized into fresh food, pantry, tools, serving dishes, and books.

We have a wonderful tiny house on a tiny plot of land that gives me plentiful food most of the year.  I preserve what I can for us and sometimes turn into a crazy canning lady. In fact I am producing beer and wine jelly on a regular basis these days. I might be your neighbor if you see thePotlicker brand of the grocery shelf.

the Pantry– The pantry can be like your pallet.  I love to open my cabinets wide and look at all the jars, tins, and boxes.  The contents of my pantry change seasonally and ever grow and change for my latest must have.

Mandatory Reading– A list of books that I love and refer to often.

Required Tools–  Items that make the kitchen mine.  Tools of my trade.

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One Reply to “thePotlicker’s Kitchen”

  1. I really enjoyed your description of yourself. I too very often show up w/ more than I’d bargained for. The grocery is my happy place too; a well-stocked pantry has grape leaves, for one… My definition of whether a place has become home for me is whether I have made friends for dinner parties – OR – even better, if I typically go straight from the grocery to someone’s home where I unpack, cook and visit through part of the afternoon, enjoy lunch together, leave some and take the rest home for my week’s cooking…. Do you know anyone in your area making mustard???

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